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What are reject perfumes?

There are numerous reasons why a product might get rejected. These can range from changes in recipes, printing errors on the packaging, alcohol bases used etc. Rest assured, these rejected perfumes still resembles the same fragrances that you are looking for in the original product. 

Our products are perfect for anyone looking for an affordable perfume with an exceptional scent. Ideal as gifts for friends and family. 

It is important to know that these reject fragrances are sold at significantly discounted rates, up to 70% off the original price, and therefore we can sell them at such low prices. 

Our products are rejected fragrances, and NOT fake. 

It is important to note that you should not compare these products to those you would find in your local retail stores. The concentrations of some perfumes may vary since they are manufactured in different countries that use various alcohol bases. European manufacturers use potato-based alcohol, the USA use grain-based alcohol etc.  

Some fragrances have been in circulation longer, so their smell MIGHT NOT last as long as the store brought items you are used to (bearing in mind that these fragrances are priced at a fraction of the cost in retail stores.) Most reviews received from our monthly customers from the last few years estimated a time frame of between 4-6 hours longevity

All perfumes are sold in their original packaging and some printing errors or slight discoloring may occur. 

These are AAA grade Reject Perfumes for people who do not want to pay the High Retail Price, due to their own skin dissolving the alcohol up very quickly, and they have to spritz the original local retail bought one in any case more than once a day, OR would like to purchase these as great gifts for all year round! They Look & Smell the same & come sealed in their original branded box but you might perhaps in some cases have to spritz them again at lunch time. Or they might have a small defect to the bottle, or packaging. If that’s a hassle then please rather buy from your Retailer at the FULL price. These are ideal for everyday use, and much affordable. 
We do have Very Happy repeat customers, and we do assist our customers at all times.

Please make sure you have read our Terms Of Service page before making a purchase. 

Thank You for shopping with us.

- The Perfume Palace Team.