• What are reject fragrances?

There are numerous reasons why fragrances get rejected, such as packaging errors, printing errors or changes in recipes. This unwanted stock can not be sold in retail stores across the world. They end up in reject warehouses and are sold at a fraction of the price directly to consumers in other countries. As all of our fragrances are imported from numerous countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and Belgium, they might differ slightly due to different recipes. Some of the fragrances may be less strong and contain less alcohol. In most cases, these perfumes are nearly identical to those sold in retail stores, at a fraction of the price. Due to the different recipes and alcohol's used to manufacture these fragrances, they can not be compared to those you would find in your local stores. Our AAA grade parallel imports are not the same as the fragrances you would purchase from local suppliers. 

  • Are these fragrances alcohol-based? 

All our products are alcohol-based fragrances, and not oil- or water-based. They are ideal for everyday use with moderate to strong sillage. 

  • Where do these perfumes come from? 

Our perfumes are not locally manufactured but sourced and imported internationally. Most of the products sold on our store are imported from Dubai and Belgium. These items come in their original packaging with possible variances in the packaging and recipes used to manufacture these items. 

  • How long does the perfumes last? 

Although the perfumes cannot be compared to those sold in retail stores, they are in most cases 90% the same. Every perfume is different and can not be expected to have the same lasting smell, due to the the fact that some perfumes are lighter and some heavier. Your skin and diet plays a huge role in the amount of time a perfume may last. Some of our clients have experienced that our perfumes may last 7-8 hours and other who bought the same item may say 1-2 hours. It completely depends on person to person.  

  • When can I receive my package after the payment? 

Once your order is placed and we have received the payment, we conduct a series of quality control checks and testing in order to ensure the products quality prior to shipping. The processing time is on average 1-3 days with shipping times 1-3 days. On average your package can be expected 1-7 days after payment. 

Please note that this is only an average and your product can be delivered before or after these estimate times. We also support nationwide FREE shipping on all orders!